Marina Seoane


My name is Marina Seoane and I am a freelance illustrator. I was born in Madrid, Spain. Nowadays I live in Galicia, the land of my father, in a small town called Oleiros near the coast. It’s a place surrounded by green forests, and when I lean out of my window, I can smell the sea.
I have been drawing for such a long time now, that I don’t think I would be able to do anything else! It has become my balance, my ultimate dream and goal. And, like all real romantic relationships, it gives me great pleasure but also moments of despair, pain and sadness.
Illustrating books is a way of living, sailing from fiction to reality, a bit of this and that. Time goes by, I grow older, my two daughters become independent and choose their own way, and yes, they too have been trapped by this mysterious world. They also dip their fingers in watercolours, fill their souls with stories, look forward wearing fairy wings on their back, dive into deep dark waters. And me, I return to my world, to my green woods, to the magic scent of the cold sea, and while I draw my soul flies towards them, my children, and I feel proud.

I am really grateful to all my clients for allowing me to make a living from the wonderful world of publishing. It’s the most marvellous career anyone can have!

For international commissions, please contact my agent, Jean Blasco:

Blasco Creative Artists:

312.782.0244 office
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  • Illustration


  • Photoshop
  • watercolor
  • drawing